About the Blogger

Who are you?

Fair question.  You can call me D.  I live in New York City and spend my days working hard for the money and my evenings spending said hard-earned money (often in the Garment District).

I dig fashion, too.  What’s your style?

I like to call it lazy classic.  I *like* well-fitting tailored garments, but somehow my closet ends up with a mish-mosh of stuff.  I’ve been sewing for about two years, so right now I have lots of store-bought clothes, the stuff I made last year (which is definitely of beginner quality), and the things I’ve been making more recently (much better).  So essentially when I get dressed for work, I stick my hand in the closet, pull out a handful of cloth, and pray some of it goes together.  And is not too wrinkled.

Awesome photos!  Do you get them done professionally?

Why pay, when we can create!  I have a boyfriend with an amazing eye for design.  Let’s call him The Photographer.  He’s the one who inspired me to take up sewing in the first place.  He’s a very artistic guy who was dumbfounded by the fact that I didn’t have a creative hobby/outlet.  Now he’s more concerned about the ever-growing fabric stash consuming the living room.

Do you design this stuff yourself?

I wish!  Actually, I’m getting to the point where I think I can start designing my own interesting garments.  Using patterns has helped me learn a ton of techniques that I knew nothing about beforehand.  I still have some trouble understanding them at times (I’m looking at you Burda!), but I figure that means I’m not nearly done learning yet!

I want to ask you (fill in the blank)/compliment you on (fill in the blank), but I don’t want to leave it in the comments section.  Do you have an e-mail address I where I PROMISE NOT TO SEND YOU SPAM?

Of course!   ICanSewThatBlog@gmail.com


One thought on “About the Blogger

  1. Hi Dina,
    This is Cousin Judy, Sorry we haven’t spoken or gotten together since the wedding. Would you be interested in making a costume for Melissa. She’s going to Comic Con in October and is trying to find someone who can sew. My skills are not that good and my sewing machine needs to be fixed again. Have been considering buying a new one and taking lessons again.
    You can either send me an email or leave a message.
    Like your blog page

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