I’m Married!!

That’s right, dear readers…I am now Mrs. Photographer!  Not legally, but even for those of you who don’t know me, please understand, names are a big to-do with us.  Mr. and Mrs. Photographer may just be in contention.


Anyway, good news:  I’m married!


Bad news:  BBQ dress = fail.  The long maxi skirt is beautiful.  Unfortunately, the top is made to fit someone a little  smaller than me.  Perhaps I can get it together this summer.


Good news:  Who cares!  We still had some special little touches I made.

1)  A belt for my dress.  Purchased rhinestone trim attached to looooooong bridal satin tails.  Tied in a bow in the back with the tails hanging down to the floor.  (Yes, they’re filthy!)


2)  A guest book.  I channeled my inner child – when I used to make covered photo albums – and just inserted blank pages instead of photo pages.


3)  A birdcage veil.  It was a little out-of-control because I didn’t trim it down enough, but was lovely and fun to wear!


4)  A pillow for our ringbearer.  Thank you Martha Stewart!


It was a beautiful weekend!  And now onto our regularly scheduled lives.




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