The big day approaching!

Long time, no blog!  I hope you haven’t been sitting at your computer, anxiously awaiting my return.  It would be flattering, but I would be very, VERY concerned!.

Those of you who know my real-life alter ego know I have a big day approaching!  While I initially intended to do tons of sewing for my big wedding weekend, I finally compromised with one dress and a few accessories.  Wedding day attire is still a secret, but the welcome BBQ dress isn’t!

This one is inspired by one of my favs – Betsey Johnson.  I wanted to splurge and just pick up this number (which I tried on in the store and loved!), but as we got closer, I just couldn’t justify the price tag.


So I set out to make my own maxi dress with a big, bold pattern.

First, I scoured websites to find a pattern in the same style.  Nothing was quite right, until found Burda 7257.  Betsey’s dress has an elastic back, but mine will be fitted (and hopefully will fit!  It’s a little close.)  And I’m going to up the strap count to two on each side, like Betsey’s.

Mood Fabrics hooked me up with this new arrival in the silk section.  Feels great and looks great!


I promptly lost the second page of instructions amid the wedding mess, but I think I can figure it out.  And that’s where we stand now.  Un-strapped, un-faced and un-hemmed…but very close to done!


P.S.  Finished purse!



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