Ready For Bed

So what’ve I been up to?  Lots!  And my biggest recent accomplishment:  My self-designed duvet cover!  Turns out our Ikea duvet cover was yellowing.  (Yours may be too, but you don’t notice until you hold it against something really white.  Don’t worry.  I won’t judge you.)  So I went out, bought way more fabric than I needed, (Accident!  Really!) and slapped this puppy together!

Oh, wait.  Did you think I actually slapped that cute stuffed animal puppy together?  No, I just meant the duvet cover.  Pretty nice also, though, huh?  Fits perfectly!

I did make one editorial decision, though, that has The Photographer groaning.

Oh yeah!  That’s right!  Lace!  He is very upset that he was not consulted in this decision, but of all people, he should understand.  You can’t curb creative brilliance!

I would also like to give a shout out to my very cool aunt, aka. the original family seamstress, who called me during a wedding weekend to tell me about an awesome fabric sale.  If I had answered the phone, I could be halfway to another duvet cover right now.  Thank you for thinking of me!

Also, for those of you who know me personally, and see me regularly, I think you’ll be very surprised to see the big announcement I will blog tomorrow.  It may not change  your life…but, then again, it just might!  It’s sure going to change mine.  (No, really, it’s not going to change your life at all.)  (No, Dad, don’t worry…no babies!!)

And on that note…I am actually ready for bed.


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