And Now For Me

I hope you enjoyed my foray into menswear, because now it’s time to focus back on me.  Me!  Me!  Me!  (Hey…I tried to focus elsewear…)


While I was working on my doodle shirt/The Photographer’s muslin, I was also working on a dress for moi.  I picked up some lightweight fabric at Mood with a preppy-like pattern on it.



I also had a McCalls 6167 calling my name.



I was thinking shirtdress (rather than just long shirt).  And the kicker – I saw this.  Shirtdress with rolled up sleeves, great patterned fabric, long…love it!


So I got right down to it.  Tried some new fitting techniques.  Cut out my fabric.  Started sewing it together.  Then realized I hadn’t accounted for all of the changes.  So instead of fixing it right away, I let it sit.  And sit.  And then I made a bag for my mom.  Then started a skirt.  Then made a male muslin.  Then finally decided to get back down to it.


So lets take a look:



It’s not much to look at now, but I think a good thing is coming…just in time for spring!  Keep an eye out for more!






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