She’s Baaaaack….

That’s right!  As Charlie Sheen goes on a permanent hiatus (from sanity?), I come off my temporary one!


I hope you haven’t felt neglected these past few months!  Now I’m determined to make  fabulous garments similar to the ones I see out in the world of couture (the premise upon which this blog was first established).  I’m armed with the knowledge and a handful of do-it-yourself-type blogs, which I absolutely adore!


To prove how serious I am, I’ve already begun the process – in menswear!  I recently surprised The Photographer with his very own muslin, made from his favorite shirt.  I don’t just mean a shirt he likes and will wear until it’s in tatters.  I mean, Uniqlo’s standard button-down shirt which he owns in nearly every color.  The only shirt in the closet…over and over and over (think Lucy in Peanuts).  I understand Uniqlo isn’t couture, but I’ve got to start somewhere…and doesn’t everyone love it as the new H&M??


This is what it looks like:


Now, for those of you with eagle eyes, picture it without boobs.  (The guy only wears one kind of shirt!  No need to invest in a male form!)


Here’s my first draft of a muslin:




Again, imagine this over a burly, broad manly man’s chest…not something resembling mine!


If you’ve been reading my blog, you know how much I disdain waiting for anything.  I have to admit, though, I kinda liked making this.  It’s fun to write all over the fabric (The muslin!  Not the original!).  It feels destructive and messy and completely different than when you’re trying your darndest not to get any marks on your good fabric.


So how’d I do it?  I’d like to say it was my keen eye and excellence in measuring.  But I really just traced the original onto paper, to the best of my ability.  Some people can do wonders fitting a paper pattern, but for a few extra bucks, I sprung for fabric so he could try it on properly.


Verdict:  Not bad!  The collar & collar stand are few inches too short, the length of the shirt is a few inches too short, and the hole for sleeve is too tight.  I also forgot to include a place for collar stays.  The shape is right, though, and the bodice fits well.  I’m guessing it’ll be good to go two muslins from now…but cross your fingers…maybe I’ll be right on the next try!


Stay tuned for take two!


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