It’s Not Too Late For Summer!

Good ol’ Saks bringing me back down to Earth.  I coveted this skirt for summer.  Jersey, cool, white, awesome.



It’s from the July issue of Burda magazine.  Looked simple enough.  Just never got around to making it.  So I figured I’d leave it until next year (perhaps) and go on my merry way.   But then this happened!



Let’s take a closer look, shall we?



Very similar skirt in hot black lace with a ribbon down the middle.  In the store window right now!  Perfect for winter!  And looks completely do-able!


Put it on the list!


Only In NY…I Hope

Time for a non-fashion post.


When:  Today.  4:45pm.

Where:  Pedestrian plaza in front of Macy’s in Herald Square, NYC

Who:  NY’s Finest:  NYPD

What:  Police car drives right through crowd of pedestrians.

Why:  Goodness only knows!




For the record, I love and respect the men in blue.  These guys (and gals) do a job like no other, and usually do it with the highest standards and class.  But then you have moments like this.  Where an officer drives through a packed crowd, and doesn’t peal out when he makes it to the next real street.  So he didn’t really have anywhere he needed to go quickly…but seriously put some people at risk.  C’mon!


And on a fashion note:  finished a skirt from one of my new patterns tonight!  And it’s blue.  Like the color of the NYPD.  There ya go…bringing it all together for ya!