Marc, We Have to Talk

Pop quiz!  Where was this outfit first seen:

A)  Ice cold Alaska

B)  My Great Aunt Ida at her 90th birthday

C)  Marc Jacobs runway show

If you said B, you were wrong (I don’t even have an aunt Ida!).  But if you oddly guessed Marc Jacobs runway show, you’d be right.  I love dark, crisp brown.  This, eh, nope.  But these items are absolutely I Can Sew That projects!

First up the skirt.

Looks pretty straight forward (although the top of the skirt is hard to see.)  Basic A-line.  Measure your wait, draw a straight line down to your desired length.  As for the defining feature – the pleat – no problem!  So simple.  I’ve already done it for this pattern…

As for the top…looks like my first project ever!

Anyway, for all my Marc bashing, I dig the pieces, just not the palate.  And since my jacket for myself is done, and all I have left to do is mom’s lining.  So perhaps ones of these garments will be up next!


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