Let’s not gloss over it…I got picked as one of the winners of the tote bag design contest!!!  I’m crazy excited…and feel justified in my creativity.  I usually make items out of patterns, but hadn’t reached into the twisted corners of my brain for inspiration until now.  And a professional – someone who actually makes a living off of designing and creating fashion – things that plaque back there is pretty cool.  So I think she’s cool, too.

I swung by the benefit tonight which celebrated the tote bag contest and met the woman behind it:  Rachel Nasvik.

Very cool, nice, and seemingly normal woman.  She says she’d held contests before, but this time wanted the winners to have to work for it.  Enter The Rachel Nasvik Art Project.  Now I guess I can say my work has been shown.  Check it out!

People were coming up to me to see the “original,” since they already show the hanging photo.  BTW- Special thanks to The Photographer!  Everyone mentioned what an awesome photo he took!

Anyway, I’m glowing (and not just because there was no A/C at the party!).  Mom says she’s very proud of me, even though my claim to fame may be the middle finger. And I happen to agree with her!


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