What Don’t I Love About This?

The answer to the title:  NOTHING!  I love everything on this Saks mannequin!

It’s hard to tell (well, impossible) that both the jacket & pants are shiny, so I used my excellent photo editing expertise to replicate the flash from my camera bouncing off of the fabric (which would clearly happen if I had a professional camera):

So while your eyes recover from the reflections, I’ll go on…

The jacket is in a brocade fabric.  I love brocade.  In fact, I once told my sewing buddy, that I wish I could work only in brocades.  Bright colors!  Shine!  Texture!  It’s great stuff.  Even though I tend to wear a lot more neutrals in my “real life.”

The thing is, I think the shape is do-able, too.

Look at the waist.  This just seems to be a basic coat with giant darts on the outside of the coat instead of the inside.  Seems easy enough!  This is one I just might try.  Don’t know if I’ll make a coat (for goodness sakes, I’m six months into two different coats and neither is even close to done!).  But I could see this cute architectural detail being used in just about anything!  I’m thinking shirt.  But these jackets still come first!


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