I Can Swami

My ESP must have been on full-blast eight months ago.  I saw it:  A cool casual jacket with interesting pockets and shoulder tabs.

Burda jacket #130 from the 10/2009 issue was on my list.  So I cut out the pieces…and let them sit for seven months.  I picked it up again, banged out the shell then…let it sit again.  Hey, I’m a busy girl and have lots of stuff to do.  (Like screwing up a jumpsuit and making my beloved mother a jacket, too.  And making myself a few dresses.)

All I have left to do is attach the lining to the shell.  Soclose!  Today my all-knowing self was vindicated.  This season is THE SEASON for cool casual jackets with interesting pockets and shoulder tabs!  Saks put one right in its window!

Complete with shoulder tabs:

And  **eek** interesting pockets!

Difference:  Mine will have buttons, not a zipper.  But it’s made from the same fabric as these pants so I can wear it as a casual suit.  I’m in no rush, though.  We’re still 20 degrees from jacket weather!


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