Buried in Jeans

During the aforementioned trip to San Francisco, there was a moment of sadness (not to be confused with the madness of a 5-hour plane ride surrounded by a screaming baby & man with Tourette’s).

As I bent down to tie my shoe before heading out for a fabulous dinner, I heard a riiiiiiiip.  It was coming from my upper thigh.  No pain = good sign.  So I bent over to check it out.  Riiiiiiiiiiip some more.  I put a hole in my favorite jeans.  In hysterics, I begin laughing and yelling with all of my might, and, you guessed it, one more riiiiiiiip.

I think these bad boys are a goner, despite some gentle nudging to patch them.  Frankly, I don’t think I believe in the patch.  It may work for some people, but I’m more of a cold turkey kinda girl.

I have some dark stretchy denim sitting in my stash, just waiting to turn into a fabulous pair of jeans.  But what kind?  Something appropriate for casual Friday.  And perhaps nondescript, so they can be worn more than once a week (don’t judge me).  Part of me says go for these little hotties, but they do break all of the (2) rules.

I caught Diesel’s window.  Perhaps it can be of some help.

Looks like Diesel is doing denim this season!  Maybe I’ll have to go in and see what’s “cool.”

But maybe I’ll stick to the original plan for the denim.

These pants came out great, so I think a pair of jeans from the same pattern will be just as good.  Burda 9/2009.  The sewing course was muy helpful!


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