Let’s not gloss over it…I got picked as one of the winners of the tote bag design contest!!!  I’m crazy excited…and feel justified in my creativity.  I usually make items out of patterns, but hadn’t reached into the twisted corners of my brain for inspiration until now.  And a professional – someone who actually makes a living off of designing and creating fashion – things that plaque back there is pretty cool.  So I think she’s cool, too.

I swung by the benefit tonight which celebrated the tote bag contest and met the woman behind it:  Rachel Nasvik.

Very cool, nice, and seemingly normal woman.  She says she’d held contests before, but this time wanted the winners to have to work for it.  Enter The Rachel Nasvik Art Project.  Now I guess I can say my work has been shown.  Check it out!

People were coming up to me to see the “original,” since they already show the hanging photo.  BTW- Special thanks to The Photographer!  Everyone mentioned what an awesome photo he took!

Anyway, I’m glowing (and not just because there was no A/C at the party!).  Mom says she’s very proud of me, even though my claim to fame may be the middle finger. And I happen to agree with her!


Maybe You Should Have Been More Specific

My tote bag submission is in.  Thank you for the guesses.  Nobody was quite right, but what were the chances you were going to guess this?

Yes…it’s just what it looks like.

Rachel (Can I call her that??  I don’t even know her.  I just took her bag.)  said she wants to see what we (the participants) see and feel what we feel.  Well, these juvenile desecrations of downtown Don’t Walk signs have always made me laugh.  As a proud New Yorker, I felt it was my duty to crack her up.  I’m sure there will be lots of beautiful submissions based on the photos people sent showing their progression.  But mine is funny.  And I stand by that.

Pop Quiz!

I’ve decided to make my general awesomeness public!  I mean, beyond this blog…

I’m entering a tote bag contest.  Amazing handbag designer Rachel Nasvik decided to hand out tote bags on the streets of New York, and challenged the takers to create something cool.  The time line is short, so I started sewing tonight.  I know what I’m making, but what do you think it’s going to be?  (If you say “tote bag” all you win is a smirk.)

What Don’t I Love About This?

The answer to the title:  NOTHING!  I love everything on this Saks mannequin!

It’s hard to tell (well, impossible) that both the jacket & pants are shiny, so I used my excellent photo editing expertise to replicate the flash from my camera bouncing off of the fabric (which would clearly happen if I had a professional camera):

So while your eyes recover from the reflections, I’ll go on…

The jacket is in a brocade fabric.  I love brocade.  In fact, I once told my sewing buddy, that I wish I could work only in brocades.  Bright colors!  Shine!  Texture!  It’s great stuff.  Even though I tend to wear a lot more neutrals in my “real life.”

The thing is, I think the shape is do-able, too.

Look at the waist.  This just seems to be a basic coat with giant darts on the outside of the coat instead of the inside.  Seems easy enough!  This is one I just might try.  Don’t know if I’ll make a coat (for goodness sakes, I’m six months into two different coats and neither is even close to done!).  But I could see this cute architectural detail being used in just about anything!  I’m thinking shirt.  But these jackets still come first!

UFO: Unidentifiable Fashionable Object

What the heck is this??

I *think* Giorgio Armani would call it a bolero?  Or jacket?  I call it a poof.  A body poof.  Yeah, let’s see if that catches on. I could offer you a pattern to make this, but let’s be honest…fill a black garbage bag with crumpled up paper and wrap it around your shoulders.

On a happier note, these sweet kicks were paired with the velvety, animal print-y, poof above:

I Can Swami

My ESP must have been on full-blast eight months ago.  I saw it:  A cool casual jacket with interesting pockets and shoulder tabs.

Burda jacket #130 from the 10/2009 issue was on my list.  So I cut out the pieces…and let them sit for seven months.  I picked it up again, banged out the shell then…let it sit again.  Hey, I’m a busy girl and have lots of stuff to do.  (Like screwing up a jumpsuit and making my beloved mother a jacket, too.  And making myself a few dresses.)

All I have left to do is attach the lining to the shell.  Soclose!  Today my all-knowing self was vindicated.  This season is THE SEASON for cool casual jackets with interesting pockets and shoulder tabs!  Saks put one right in its window!

Complete with shoulder tabs:

And  **eek** interesting pockets!

Difference:  Mine will have buttons, not a zipper.  But it’s made from the same fabric as these pants so I can wear it as a casual suit.  I’m in no rush, though.  We’re still 20 degrees from jacket weather!

Buried in Jeans

During the aforementioned trip to San Francisco, there was a moment of sadness (not to be confused with the madness of a 5-hour plane ride surrounded by a screaming baby & man with Tourette’s).

As I bent down to tie my shoe before heading out for a fabulous dinner, I heard a riiiiiiiip.  It was coming from my upper thigh.  No pain = good sign.  So I bent over to check it out.  Riiiiiiiiiiip some more.  I put a hole in my favorite jeans.  In hysterics, I begin laughing and yelling with all of my might, and, you guessed it, one more riiiiiiiip.

I think these bad boys are a goner, despite some gentle nudging to patch them.  Frankly, I don’t think I believe in the patch.  It may work for some people, but I’m more of a cold turkey kinda girl.

I have some dark stretchy denim sitting in my stash, just waiting to turn into a fabulous pair of jeans.  But what kind?  Something appropriate for casual Friday.  And perhaps nondescript, so they can be worn more than once a week (don’t judge me).  Part of me says go for these little hotties, but they do break all of the (2) rules.

I caught Diesel’s window.  Perhaps it can be of some help.

Looks like Diesel is doing denim this season!  Maybe I’ll have to go in and see what’s “cool.”

But maybe I’ll stick to the original plan for the denim.

These pants came out great, so I think a pair of jeans from the same pattern will be just as good.  Burda 9/2009.  The sewing course was muy helpful!

Snap Poll!

It’s 90 degrees outside, but Saks is ready for winter.  Dark gray appears to be the color of the season and there will be lots of knit scarves if its window displays have anything to say about it!

Just thinking about scarves makes me sweat, how about you?

I Can Sew That: San Francisco Edition

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been hard at work studying West Coast fashion.  San Francisco more specifically.  And, well, the trip wasn’t for “studying”, unless by studying you mean, eating/drinking/touring my face off.  And let’s be honest – you don’t.

So while gallivanting between the beautiful bar at the top of the Downtown Marriott and the fabulous Four Seasons (get the chocolate hazelnut dessert…heck, get any dessert!  You will NOT be disappointed!)…

Only Meghan had the foresight to photograph the glory.

we ran into their couture shops.

I haven’t wandered past Prada in NYC since I’ve been back, so I’m not sure if this little number is gracing its window, too, but take a looksie:

For the most part, I like it.  The fabric + the shape = awesome!  The verdict is still out on the black ruffle going across the bottom of the bust, though.  Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Can that be flattering on anyone?  I have two problems with it:

1)  Where it falls.  Flat, busty, somewhere in between – nobody needs their nipples laid out on a platter, and that’s the effect I think this will have.  Put a little weight on those breasts, they’ll be resting right on that ruffle!

2)  The ruffle faces up.  Odd choice.  It just feels like it’s upside down.


Round And Round We Go!

Nobody likes to be described as “boxy.”  And usually “round” doesn’t feel too good either.  But I think we may have found an exception.

The circle shirt!  It caught my eye and I didn’t know why.  Because it’s just two circles sewn together.  Somehow, though, it’s done in such a way that it looks like sophisticated clothing, not a blueberry costume for a child’s play.  I think I can handle this one.  I don’t know of a pattern, but it may be worth trying to master myself.