I Don’t Do Diets

I read a stunning article in The New York Times the other day.  It wasn’t politics or corruption or explosions or despair.  It was fashion.  Some people decided to go on a “diet,” and cut back on their calor– uh, clothes for a month.  Each person picked six items, and those were the only six items they could wear for a month.  As it turns out, nobody really noticed that they kept wearing the same things over and over…including one participant’s husband  —  WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY!

So now I’m taking a hard look at my closet.

I don’t buy a lot of clothes, but I tend to hang onto items for a verrrrry long time.  I have more than one item that has been around since high school.  This dress: 13 years old.

When am I ever going to wear that again?!?!  (In fact, I did wear it to a wedding a few years ago, but it’s still debated whether that was a good idea.)

But anyway, now that I’ve been sewing up a storm – 99% of it for myself – all of the new duds are just adding to the pile.

I always figure if I wear it, there’s not reason to get rid of it.  But if the Fashion Diet experiment is any indicator, nobody is paying much attention anyway.  Guess now would be a good time to put together a giveaway pile, because Lord knows there are people who need these clothes more than me!


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