I Can Sew That…Psych!

So I’m walking down Madison Avenue the other day, and right across from a rumple-fest at Donna Karan, I spotted an obvious “I Can Sew That.”  It looked just like McCall’s 6069, which I had just picked up.

After I took the following photos, I finished view A in two short days..quick and easy!  Anyway, back to my walk.  So I see a teal dress screaming at me from across the street at Joseph.  Goodness knows the price (the store was closed when I walked by.)  But it’s on the right stretch of property to be out of my budget!  Anyway, check it out:

Drapey:  √

Sleeves:  √

Cinched waist: √

Tight skirt: √

Looks like I should be able to bang this puppy right out.  Buuuuuut…now it’s time to take a closer look:

There’s a seam right where that arrow is pointing.  So this is no quickie-dickey pattern-tracer.  This is a draft-your-own.  Now, there may be a pattern out there, but it’s not sitting in my closet right now, and frankly I have no idea where to find it.  I love that detail, and I bet it’ll have a lovely drape on some lucky girl.  Just not me…yet.


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