Selfish? Who?

Let it never be said I don’t make sacrifices for those I love.  So in the ultimate small-scale show of love, I have gotten rid of the scrap bag.  Let’s go back for a moment…

I was given The Fabric Hamper when The Photographer and I moved in together.

It was a compromise.  I was happy to store cuts of fabric in a the heap on the floor.  He thought it would be fair to throw out anything I wasn’t currently working on.  The compromise was if it fits in the hamper, it can stay.  It was going well until I really got into sewing and began to crank out pieces left and right.  That makes for lots of scraps.  And what a waste to throw out so much fabric when:

  • a)  there are people out there who surely could use it, and
  • b)  I’m just going to have to buy more for trim & small projects later on.

I was storing all the little bits and pieces with the large cuts of fabric.  It became a big mess and very hard to find stuff, so I separated the unused fabric from the scraps.  The bag full of scraps was large.  Really large.  And for months and months it sat in front of the hamper taking up our precious Manhattan real estate.  The Photographer begged and pleaded for me to get rid of it.  He threatened to make it disappear (Where?  The East River?  I’ve never heard of the Fabric Mafia.)

Finally, an angel came to me.  One of my sewing buddies.  She told me about the Textile Arts Center.  It appears to be a non-profit studio for those who love to, or want to learn how to, craft.  And they said they’d be happy to take it all.  So here is my final good-bye to the Scrap Bag.



3 thoughts on “Selfish? Who?

  1. Hey Dina
    So did you drop off the scraps or did they pick them up? I actually went by there on Saturday….love! What an amazing space. I’m planning on taking a weaving class there in the fall, so excited!

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