Did You Lose Your Galoshes?

What’s up with galoshes?

As a child, I refused to put the big, goofy rubber shoes over my own.  Because that’s how they used to be made.

As a college grad, new to the big bad, smelly, grimy especially when it has just begun raining city, I cherished them.  I wore my purple spotted pair until the tears in the bottoms of both boots made them about as useful as flip-flops.  Five years ago everyone had them in ever color and ever heal size.

As a working woman who just wants to get to and from home without ruining my cute shoes, I realize I really need to invest in a new pair.

Over the last two days here in New York, there’s been lots of sporadic rain.  And nary a galosh to be seen.  So I ask, where did all of the galoshes go?


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