Easy Breezy

Since I have now accepted clothes are a necessary part of live, something light and airy sounds like a great idea.  Too short, and I’ll flash New York City (just like the poor girl I saw trying to hail a cab today).  Too long could mean too hot.  Unless the dress lets the air in.  Just Cavalli got the message.  Check out this dress:

If you can’t tell it’s a light fabric with lots of print, which could make it harder to see through.  I’m not sure if there’s lining.  Unfortunately, the $1,300 (or so) price tag puts this lovely dress way out of reach.  But I have a hunch I could find some gauzy animal print over in the West 30’s.  And I have my July issue of Burda at hand.  Just flip to page 18 and we’re on our way:

There are a couple of major difference here which I have to point out:

  • The Burda version had a slit up the front.  The Cavalli does not.
  • While both dresses are halter tops, they connect to the bodice differently.  JC used a metal triangle.  Burda seems to knot it.

The slit seems like an easy change.  The connector may require you to redraft the top to get rid of the extra knotting material.  But if you leave the pattern as it is, trust me…people won’t be looking at the knot.  They’re going to look at a nice, cool you and your ultra-flowy skirt breezing past their hot sweaty selves.  Maybe you should carry a squirt bottle (turned to the mist option, of course) to give them a little cool down on your way to someplace, hopefully, well air conditioned.


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