Urban Jungle

With this spell of skin-melting heat, I’m thinking about exploring nudism.  Think New Yorkers will mind?  Imagine the photos the tourists would bring home!  Nonetheless, for the time being I’m still erring on the side of clothing, and it seems our friends in fashion are thinking heat, too – safari style.

Saks is venturing into the serengeti:

It’s hard to see some of the detail with the big ol’ necklace, but this dress has some great details.  Double breasted, big collar, rectangle on the upper left-hand side.  Hmmmm…now, where have I seen that before?

Ah ha!  Burda – May 2010:

This would take some work to turn into a dress, but it has the tricky components all done:

  • Double breasted
  • Big collar
  • Rectangle on the upper left-hand side

It also has a belt, albeit a different style, but one that I think would look nice.

Frankly, just the idea of heavy khaki right now is making me sweat, but for those whose first instinct still includes cloth, this may be right up your boiling hot alley.


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