Oh Joann!

Oh Joann (not to be confused with my good friend and incredibly talented chef/blogger Joanneee).  How to I love thee (both)?  Let me count the ways.  Human Joannes aside, let’s talk about how much this NYC-garment-district-adoring chic loves a good run to Joann’s Fabrics.  Throughout the sewing blogosphere I read comments bemoaning the chain for the quality & choice of fabric offered.  And I certainly hear that.  The only time you’ll catch me in a chain restaurant is if I’m out of town, or seriously craving 2 Micky D’s cheeseburgers, fries & a Coke.  I suppose the same out-of-town rule applies to Joann’s.

Here in Manhattan I have a seemingly endless supply of places to pick up fabrics, notions, etc.  But it’s hard to find some things:

  • A good sale
  • Cheap, basic buttons
  • Patterns you can have in-hand immediately.

But, alas, Joann’s offers all of those.  So, while out of town this weekend for a variety of weddings, I work up early, grabbed the keys to my rental car, got lost a few times, and made a sewing run.  The payoff:  99 cent pattern sale, buttons & 50% off thread.  In fact, I only got two patterns, and instantly regretted that it wasn’t more, so I spent the rest of my time in Cockeysville, MD trying to convince The Photographer to run back with me for some more.  No dice.  Which is kind of surprising because one of the two patterns I got was a shirt pattern for him!

When he finds a shirt he likes, he buys it in every color.  And he does love buttondowns!  So if I can finagle this bad boy into his ideal shirt, he can save a fortune in the future by being very nice to me, and in return, I can create a collection just for him.  (Over time…not all at once…I still have me —  and Mom  —  to sew for.  Love you Mom…I promise that jacket is coming…some day!)


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