Seeing Double

I was chatting with a co-worker the other day.  Let’s call him Polo Boy.  During the course of conversation, he pulls out his work ID to show me his mug.  It turns out, the day we were speaking, Polo Boy was wearing the same shirt as in his ID photo…but in a different color.  So he has at least 2 of the same giant-logoed shirts.  Turns out that shirt is now sitting in the window of Bloomingdale’s…in yet a different color combination!

My initial instinct was, “Polo Boy, expand your wardrobe!”  But then I got to thinking.  When I find jeans I love, I’ve been known to buy 2 pairs.  I even saw a cheap little purse I liked once and bought it in two colors.  But there’s just something about wearing the same shirt with a giant logo in two different colors that’s nagging at me.

So what do you thing…double the garments, double the fun?


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