It’s OK Because It’s an Addiction

I’ve been so good recently. Until today. Now, I haven’t gotten my fix yet, but I feel it coming. Probably right after I finish writing this post. I thought if I hid it, I would forget about it, but I’m really cheating on you, dear readers.

My mind is completely on that Simplicity sale e-mail sitting in my inbox. 3 days only! One part of me knows I don’t *need* more patterns. And shipping is so expensive it makes me mope. And my new Burda magazine, chock full of 40+ new patterns will probably arrive tomorrow. But the little devil on my shoulder says, “Time to stock up!”  If I just get that shopping cart up to $40, it’ll be free shipping! And I’ll have a fun, new package headed right for my mailbox! And these are paper patterns – no tracing paper necessary!

What to do, what to do?


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