It’s Right There For the Taking

The inspiration for this blog:  5th Avenue in New York.

When I initially started sewing, I would go shopping, pick up a Prada, and say, “Why buy it?  I can make that.”  With the skills I had, um, not so much.  But more and more I’ve seen things in the windows that not only look do-able, but I realize I have actually seen patterns for!  And I don’t mean Armani put out a pattern for their coat.  I mean it looks like the designers took a pattern off the web, made it in silk, and stuck a $4,000 price tag on it.

Courtesy of The Selfish Seamstress

I wish I had gotten a photo, but the most classic example I can think of is the Coffee Date Dress.  Right there in the window of Saks last year.  I’m quite sure the Selfish Seamstress didn’t make the dress & sell it to Saks (I’ve read her blog…I don’t think that’s her gig).  But there is was.  And as it turns out I could get the pattern online for FREE!  So all it’ll cost me is 2-3 yards of fabric, some thread and a couple of hours.  Luckily, I’m the kind of girl who had a couple of spare hours handy.  I’ve yet to make the pattern, but knowing I could make something a professional loved too = awesome.


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