The Chop Shop: Sweater Edition

No matter the weather, it is downright icy in my office.  So I always have a sweater handy.  This simple black cardigan wasn’t around all that long (compared to some of the other items in my closet) before the cuffs totally shredded.  But when I noticed a little hole, that was the final straw and home it comes to the chop shop. 




I had some grand plans.  Ruffle sleeves.  Leather shoulder patches.  But when I took a closer look, I got an unfortunate surprise.  A secret second hole!



This one is the middle of the front panel, so now I have to think of a good solution.  I’m taking suggestions!


Lace Upgrade

In my last post, I mentioned I scored a lacy dress which I planned to pick apart.  Well…the initial plan didn’t work.  There isn’t enough fabric to cut out the top of the dress I’m working on (and I use that term “working on” loosely…I’m really “working on” dropping off the new fabric at the laundry so I can move along).  But, Burda, in all their genius, thought they’d spice up one of their recent patterns with a little lace:


And as luck would have it, I recently made that top.  And as luck would have THAT, the fabric matches the lace I just picked apart!

Before pic:


And now:


Much better I’d say!  Can’t wait to wear it.  Tomorrow is my “Friday” at my day job (better known as Wednesday to the rest of you).  Could be a great dress-down day!

To Save a Dress

I scored this bad boy at Housing Works warehouse. It doesn’t geot quite right, but I figured I could do something with the lace. But I just had a brilliant idea. I can use the lace on one project and the lining and zipper on another. Stay tuned while I start ripping seams!


Tied Up

Decided to take another crack at the BBQ maxi dress intended for wedding weekend. Lots of seams to unpick!


I did finish another UFO (unfinished object) though! More to come on that!

What You Missed

I realize it’s been a while since we last saw each other.  Some of you may be thinking, “Look D- you ditch us and then come back and start blogging up a storm, like nothing ever happened.  Whatev!” (or however you would say it.)   Well, here’s a sample of things I’ve been doing since I last saw you.


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Final Verdict

Well, I’ve nearly finished the shirt, but it is a little tight in the neck.  So I have a little more finagaling before it’s really ready to wear.  But should a robber should come steal all the other clothes in my closet tonight, I can certainly wear it tomorrow.  So, I wouldn’t call it a gold medal performance, but definitely a bronze!

An hour in

I’ve been hard at work for an hour. The pattern pieces are cut out and so is the fabric. Still deciding if I’m going to add the pretty lace design to the front. Might have to pick up lace in that case.